Sara Blakely | Success Story #5

Hard to believe this beautiful and youngest self-made woman on the cover of Forbes Magazine once worked part-time at Disneyland before launching the world’s most known brand of…pantyhose! To read more on how Sara Blakely became the Undercover Billionaire, click here and How Spanx Became A Billion-Dollar Business Without Advertising written by Clare O’Connor, Forbes Staff […]

Success Story #4 | Jen Emmert

Success Story #2 | Bethenny Frankel

Ladies, mark your calendar’s–set your TiVo or DVR–because the fairest of Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After will once again grace our televisions! So in honor of her Season 3 premiere (to air Feb. 20), here’s a little reminder of why we love this strong, persistent and ever brave woman…Bethenny Frankel. How Bethenny Frankel Used Her Reality Show […]