Greatness | Nicki Minaj

I’m Every Woman | Whitney Houston

After all these years, still one of my favorites!

Success Story #3: Molly Hincka

  Kerry Hincka, “…I only imagined what she could.” Beautiful One, what do you imagine you could do?

I Remember Me | Jennifer Hudson

Usurp The Fear Of _____

Can you fill in the blank? In my lifetime, some thirty-four years, I have held onto (but not necessarily come to terms with) several types of fear: Fear of failure. Fear of rejection, both in my personal and professional life. Fear of my own success and the opinions of others. Fear of not being accepted […]

Success Story #2 | Bethenny Frankel

Ladies, mark your calendar’s–set your TiVo or DVR–because the fairest of Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After will once again grace our televisions! So in honor of her Season 3 premiere (to air Feb. 20), here’s a little reminder of why we love this strong, persistent and ever brave woman…Bethenny Frankel. How Bethenny Frankel Used Her Reality Show […]

Beauty Reflects | Sophia Loren

Kelly Clarkson | Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)

Hollywood Night | Marilyn Monroe

The Life Of Your Dreams | Oprah Winfrey