Her Nation

In April of 2011 I sat down at my computer and began to write a blog. I’ll be honest with you, the idea of writing a blog scared me. I felt insecure. I thought to myself, What do I have to say? And, Who will even care to read it?

To my surprise, I knew exactly what to say and why I needed to say it.

In the weeks to come, the blog reached more than 27 other countries. I was sure there had to be a mistake. They couldn’t have been looking for me. I mean, who was I to have an impact on women around the world? I couldn’t even get Reed College to take me seriously! But then I began to receive posts on Facebook from various women, each believing they were alone in their quest to become their her. Suddenly I was not alone. I was not the only one. Can you imagine? Have I just discovered my purpose? When what I’m gifted to do aligns with my passion to help others?

It took six months and an embarrassing amount of tears to write, When I Am Her. Not only because of its content but because I knew–for the first time in my life I really knew–that this wasn’t just about me. This was about a nation of women. A Her Nation.

The impact? I’ve witnessed firsthand how much a woman can overcome when she receives her gift and discovers the her within. There is courage, strength, passion and a sense of worth that cannot be tainted or taken away.

Ladies, my hope is BIG and asking for help doesn’t come easy for me but I cannot make this a Her Nation alone. I will plant the seed. I will hold their hand. I will hug them when they cry. And I will stand with them when they are weak. But I need you. I need your support. So if you know someone (a friend, relative or co-worker) who could use a lil’ her pick-me-up, by all means share this with them. Let them know they are not alone. There is a beautiful woman waiting to be discovered.


from one her to another


  1. I have the wonderful pleasure of knowing this woman and to all you ladies out there she is the real thing. The compassion she has for women runs deeper then anyone I’ve ever known. She continues to help me not be scared to shine.

  2. Michela Ellingson says:

    You are amazing, you have helped me in so many ways and I so appriciate and love you, and what you are doing for women!! I am behind you 110% thank you again

  3. Catrice Alleyne says:

    Love the video!!! Keep doing amazing things to inspire and infuse the strength inside and out of women across this nation… #Her Nation Rocks!!!

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