Sara Blakely | Success Story #5

Hard to believe this beautiful and youngest self-made woman on the cover of Forbes Magazine once worked part-time at Disneyland before launching the world’s most known brand of…pantyhose! To read more on how Sara Blakely became the Undercover Billionaire, click here and How Spanx Became A Billion-Dollar Business Without Advertising written by Clare O’Connor, Forbes Staff […]

Success Story #4 | Jen Emmert

Success Story #3: Molly Hincka

  Kerry Hincka, “…I only imagined what she could.” Beautiful One, what do you imagine you could do?

Success Story #2 | Bethenny Frankel

Ladies, mark your calendar’s–set your TiVo or DVR–because the fairest of Bravo’s Bethenny Ever After will once again grace our televisions! So in honor of her Season 3 premiere (to air Feb. 20), here’s a little reminder of why we love this strong, persistent and ever brave woman…Bethenny Frankel. How Bethenny Frankel Used Her Reality Show […]

Success Story #1: Lisa Price

From formulating organic beauty products in her kitchen to owning her own store, raising $10M through investors and placing product in large retailers like Sephora, (not to mention, appearances on The Tyra Banks Show and Oprah), Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter, speaks with Inc. Magazine about her new role…letting go of the reins. Watch Lisa […]