About Chivon

I know I’m supposed to tell you all about me and how I came to write my first book but I’m far more interested in making sure you know the her inside you is anything but ho-hum. She is brave. She is a fighter. Survival is in her blood; bred to overcome and to withstand the storm. I know because I now recognize the strength, the voice, the passion, the creativity, the dreams, the successes and the forgiveness that lies within me.

Believe me, I did not always know. I grew up believing I was stupid. I was told I had rain clouds for brains because I was sensitive. I questioned who I was because I never knew my father. I saw ‘love’ rooted in criticism. I’ve been pushed, grabbed, choked, spit on and punched by a man. I’ve been cheated on and lied to. I was even convinced ‘happiness’ was a twenty-four inch waist.

But I know differently now and it’s all because of her.

So if you’re reading this with the intent to change your life, to awaken something inside you you thought dormant, to know once and for all that you are worthy of the desires of your heart, then I guess that makes us two ordinary women with extraordinary potential who’ve chosen to face their fears and become unstoppable.


from one her to another


  1. I like your blog Chivon. Kudos to you for inspiring ohters to look inside and see their own strengths. Intuition seems to be seriously lacking in many people. Besides, happiness surely cannot be found in just 24 inches!

    Are you interested in having a guest blogger?
    I write about empowering young women, self defense, feminism and individual empowerment.

    I look forward to hearing from you, Leah

  2. Catrice Alleyne says:

    Thanks for the inspiration!!! You are an amazing HER

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