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My Dear Her,
I am most anxious and hopeful to become you someday.  Your great confidence and impact on your community force me to wonder how and when I will have the pleasure to be just like you; like one of the most influential women in society.

Aside from my curiosity in your personality and life, I have many questions and concerns–although I know will not be answered immediately–will be satisfied when I become you.

I always thought I had my plans together but as senior year rolls around I am beginning to realize I have a million decisions to make; decisions that will impact my life and will directly impact you.  I am faced with tough choices to make, such as the college I will attend, the major I will choice, the friends I am bound to lose and the relationships that will fade.

Who knew it would all be so scary?

As I am forced to decide between so many different options, I breath and rest; assured that at the end of my journey you will be waiting open armed and congratulating me for all I have accomplished and the tests I have overcome.

The Ex{her}cise not only opened my eyes to a world of very realistic opportunities, it encouraged me to work on what I can do now so that becoming you does not delay.

I have a long road of confusions, hard work and search ahead of me and this has allowed me to be focused and determined so that one day I will be the woman of my dreams.

I will be her.  I will be you.  I will be me.

Your biggest fan,


  1. This young woman is going to show the world what she is made of and I can’t wait to watch her do it.

    • TJ, I absolutely agree. Nathaly is meant for greatness and I cannot wait to see her accomplish all her dreams! Just as I cannot wait to see you accomplish yours! Xoxo, Chivon

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