You Are Not Only Beautiful. You Are Beautyfull!

Good morning Chivon,

I am writing to tell you from my heart what a beautiful and inspiring book. I am going to be totally honest. I couldn’t put it down. It is a book that is well written and holds your curiosity. Your gift is this book, which wisdom and God’s blessings has flowed forth from your inner spirit. There are a lot of people out there who need to hear the testimony of the her. I see women in shelters that don’t know they have Her nor realize she is just yearning to come out. You are the person that could bring the Her out. I see teenagers who are just beginning down the road to find the her and I think you could help them to choose the right path with your book and a lecture of the “Her Nation.”

I just saw this morning where teenage girls are going on YouTube and asking the question, “Am I ugly?” I am a person that feels we all have a uniqueness in life and there are no ugly people that exist upon this planet. Only ugly inner characteristics that have no physical qualities but ugly mental qualities. An enlightenment came into my mind when I saw the section of “Am I ugly” and I said, if only they could read your book.


It is time to take your book on the circuit. Any young woman who doesn’t read it is missing out on the real and hidden qualities that she doesn’t realize she possesses until much later in life. We as women are still downtrodden in this male society and don’t even realize the potential we have.

In the United States we are somewhat fortunate but still not free. We get second class medical screenings and are looked upon as hypochondriacs. But let a man complain about a hangnail and they’re ready to give him a whole plethora of tests. We have babies and are given two days to recuperate in the hospital. Do you think if a man was having a baby he would only be given two days? Men get paid more for the same job. Men aren’t penalized at work because their children are sick because the woman stays home to take care of the child; therefore giving the man more of an advantage when opportunities for advancement come up in the workplace.

Once again, like I said, we are in a fortunate country that does give women a little liberation but not total equality. Imagine the other non-industrialized nations that are ruled by political-religious fundamentalists. If every young woman all over the world could read your book it would give them the uplift that all of us need to say… “Her is the reason for life, for living, for being, for what makes the planet home.”

Thank you for sharing, Hope

Hope, your words have truly blessed and encouraged my life.

And to all the young girls asking themselves, Am I ugly? Honey, you are not only beautiful. You are beautyfull!

To purchase a signed copy of When I Am Her: A Book of Self-Discovery, please click here


  1. Woohoo!!! I completely agree with Hope!!! This book, the exHERcise, Chivon Morris, HER NATION, they are all amazing and everyone female young and old, accomplished or feeling lost, they all need to experience what it’s like to not only know their full potential, but be able to envision it and begin living it. Let’s get this word spread ladies, let’s show the world what we are made of, but most importantly lets recognize in ourselves our worth, our value, and allow ourselves to be the gift.

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  3. Tammy, thank you for your love and continued support! I, myself, have watched you out of your shell, spread your wings and soar above limitations and expectations of others. Witnessing your transformation has in turn blessed my life and continues to encourage me on my path to becoming my her! Together we will make this a Her Nation and a strong pride of lionesses! xoxo

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